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Shizuno Nasu

Shizuno Nasu Contemporary Dancer

The spiral of her marvelous body appears in the climax of the performance. The beautiful and passionate spiral tangles with each other and springs the sense of vision and existing values there. At that time, spin is remarkably transformed into spiral to fly somewhere higher from the certain point. If we call it as a “spiral vision” to change the real space into somewhere higher, her gorgeous performance shapely and literally deserves it.
Satoshi Murakami, Curator

Educated in western dance since childhood, Shizuno Nasu had her debut as a professional dancer at nineteen years old. It was her quest for her own stylistic voice that eventually led her to study old Japanese mythological dances. For several years, she undertook a pilgrimage, performing in every prefecture of Japan, thus deepening within her the skill and the spirit of mai, the dance.
It is finally beyond the influence of both the West and the East, that Shizuno refines her unique mai, the dance attuned to the rhythms of Mother Nature. “Spiral vision” is her improvisatory dance. Its spirit reflects a universe inside the dancer.
Spiral vision won high praise from such countries as: France, Germany, Italy, Greece, India, South Korea or China as well as U.S.A. and Japan.
Shizuno currently lives on the island of Hawaii, where she continues to generate new works.

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